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Britain’s faction could break up EU?

The UK hostile approach to EU might eventually break up the European Union. At least plans for a referendum in 2017 are indicating so.

“The eurozone is integrating more deeply and more rapidly out of necessity. The UK has chosen to remain outside the euro with a clear opt out. The UK’s support for deeper integration of the eurozone is welcome but doing so from outside means that the eurozone cannot and will not be shaped according to British interest.”

Police has been shut down “European Spring” in Brussels

As you can see from the picture, many citizens are protesting against European union austerity policies.

Austerity continues to harm and many people feel that their rights are being more and more smashed. That’s the main reason why those “protests” come along.

However, the Brussels police have been taken action and over 30 people are already arbitrarily arrested. This number might also increase in near future.

According to one of the arrestees, police did not have any evidence and they simply picked people from the ground and arrested them. “That’s awful” he said.

Is 1st of April a free day or not?

Many European countries have a free day today (Easter). However, not all.

1st of April is free: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden

1st of April is not free: Moldova, Monaco, Malta, Estonia, Belarus, Portugal, San-Marino, Turkey

As you might know, international bank transfers can delay as well. Easter-Monday is the first Monday after Easters.

Estonians are still thinking about it…

Keskerakond decided to continue discussing about the law which might change the Monday to holiday in Estonia as well.